Albeisa becomes a Consortium

Albeisa changes shape, modifying its corporate structure with the transformation from an association into the Albeisa Consortium.

A significant turning point to operate more efficiently in pursuing the objectives that Albeisa has always set itself: the conservation of the Langhe wine culture through the affirmation of the uniqueness of the Albeisa bottle in the world.

There are many activities already planned, from safeguarding the territory through sustainability projects aimed at the ecosystem that revolves around the vineyard, to digital communication events and not aimed at specialists in the sector, to spread tradition and modern knowledge that can always guarantee better products, signed Albeisa.

A new beginning to continue being even stronger and more united in telling the producers who have chosen the Albeisa bottle, the casket that embodies all the essence of a territory.

If you are a local producer, discover the advantages of joining our consortium. The Albeisa Consortium is waiting for you, join it too.

Entra stripe

Are you a producer of the Albese territory?

You have a message in the bottle.

The Albeisa bottle is the symbol of the Langhe territory. It holds tradition and innovation and tells it on tables all over the world. Discover the advantages of being part of the union of Albeisa producers and join it.

Entra in Albeisa