Steward of
the Langhe’s

Bottiglia Albeisa

Since the 1700s, the shape of the Langhe wines

Historic, innovative, sustainable, and created exclusively for its growing area


Icon of shape and substance

Unique in its design, available in a range of colours and sizes


One bottle, over 300 producers

Guardian of the finest wines, choice of the great wineries


Unique events, from bottle to wine-glass.

The wine of kings and his court await you to toast.

News and events
Entra stripe

Are you a producer of the Albese territory?

You have a message in the bottle.

The Albeisa bottle is the symbol of the Langhe territory. It holds tradition and innovation and tells it on tables all over the world. Discover the advantages of being part of the union of Albeisa producers and join it.

Entra in Albeisa