Albeisa Talks, discovering the origins of Nebbiolo.

On the occasion of the advent of the new wine year, the newborn Consorzio Albeisa, inaugurated the first series of communication events called Albeisa Talks.

Born with the aim of continuing to share the pleasure of wine in all its forms and overcoming the physical barriers that current conditions imposed on us, this first digital edition was developed during two days of virtual meetings in Italian and English according to a schedule spread over several global time zones.

The discussion table saw on the one hand the president of the Albeisa Consortium Marina Marcarino doing the honors with the support of the Barolo and Barbaresco Consortium which was able to disclose the numbers and considerations of the new vintages of the Nebbiolo grape.

At the center of the dialogue, however, two scientific seminars dedicated to the origins and genetic developments of the Nebbiolo vine written and conducted by Professor Anna Schneider, researcher of the IPSP, Institute for the Sustainable Protection of Plants, dedicated to an audience of over 50 journalists, writers, and specialized ambassadors in the world of wine.

In addition to the more technical considerations, there are many questions that could also be answered by citing the important role that the Albeisa Consortium has decided to offer, supporting the ampelographic collection of Grinzane Cavour with an active role. Here the dream of research and development of ancient and rare vines destined for extinction is cultivated, in order to better understand this wonderful plant, protect it from disease, and grow is able to offer its growers the best quality of the fruit.

Albeisa Talks and its speakers give you an appointment for the discussion on this theme and the next initiatives following the official channels of the Albeisa Consortium.

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