Route 2: Explore the Territory

A journey from whites to reds of the most typical and representative varieties of the area €25.00 Langhe DOC Arneis: Cascina Rabaglio Dolcetto d’Alba DOC : Emilio Vada Barbera d’Alba DOC: Punset Langhe DOC Nebbiolo: Gagliasso Mario Moscato d’Asti DOCG: Fabio Perrone

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Route 3: The Grapes

Not just one route, but five, each linked to a variety or a type L’Arneis: €25.00 Roero Arneis DOCG: Negro Angelo Roero Arneis DOCG: Andrea Pelassa Roero Arneis DOCG: Vietti Roero Arneis DOCG: La Granera Roero Arneis DOCG: Cà di Cairè Il Dolcetto: €25.00 Dolcetto d’Alba DOC: Emilio Vada Dolcetto d’Alba DOC: Moccagatta Dolcetto d’Alba

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Route 4: The Great Nebbiolo

The Super 3 cannot be missed! Three different tastings dedicated to 5 Roero, 5 Barbaresco, or 5 Barolo to discover how the area of origin influences the final product and what organoleptic differences determine completely different zones and subzones Il Roero: €35.00 Roero DOCG: Bajaj Roero DOCG: Ferrero Giovanni – Beiva Roero DOCG: Cascina Chicco Roero DOCG:

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Route 1: The Whites

Five wines obtained from white grape varieties cultivated in the Langhe to delve into their characteristics and discover the winemaker’s interpretation €25.00 Langhe DOC Sauvignon Bianco: Silvano Bolmida Langhe DOC Chardonnay: Cà del Baio Langhe DOC Nascetta: Cantina del Nebbiolo Langhe DOC Bianco: Rèva Langhe DOC Nascetta: Elvio Cogno

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Tastings experience by Albeisa

Not just the Container but also the content. Let yourself be guided to discover the varied territory of Langhe and Roero through the Experiential Tastings Project by Albeisa Welcoming you in the new tasting rooms, in the heart of the city of Alba, we will virtually traverse these hills, meeting Albeisa producers through their wines,

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Albeisa Talks, discovering the origins of Nebbiolo.

Albeisa Talks is born, a series of digital communication events dedicated to the discovery and preservation of the Nebbiolo grape.

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Albeisa becomes a Consortium

Albeisa changes shape, modifying its corporate structure with the transformation from an association into the Albeisa Consortium.

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Albeisa becomes art.

To celebrate the 40 th anniversary of its re-birth, the Albeisa bottle has become an art exhibit, with the introduction of a limited-edition collection created by local artist Valerio Berruti.

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Leggera on the table, Leggera on the environment.

With 30% less glass, the Albeisa bottle is stronger and more sustainable in the market.

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Planet Albeisa

Protecting the environment and raising consciousness are not only values that characterise Albeisa, but are concretely embodied in a reforestation project as well, in the Bore district of Kenya, in collaboration with Tree Nation

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Entra stripe

Are you a producer of the Albese territory?

You have a message in the bottle.

The Albeisa bottle is the symbol of the Langhe territory. It holds tradition and innovation and tells it on tables all over the world. Discover the advantages of being part of the union of Albeisa producers and join it.

Entra in Albeisa