Albeisa Talks, discovering the origins of Nebbiolo.

Albeisa Talks is born, a series of digital communication events dedicated to the discovery and preservation of the Nebbiolo grape.

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Albeisa becomes a Consortium

Albeisa changes shape, modifying its corporate structure with the transformation from an association into the Albeisa Consortium.

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Albeisa becomes art.

To celebrate the 40 th anniversary of its re-birth, the Albeisa bottle has become an art exhibit, with the introduction of a limited-edition collection created by local artist Valerio Berruti.

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Leggera on the table, Leggera on the environment.

With 30% less glass, the Albeisa bottle is stronger and more sustainable in the market.

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Planet Albeisa

Protecting the environment and raising consciousness are not only values that characterise Albeisa, but are concretely embodied in a reforestation project as well, in the Bore district of Kenya, in collaboration with Tree Nation

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Albeisa marries the truffle

In the vineyard for the table: Albeisa, in collaboration with the “Save the Truffle” project, is promoting “Trees among the Vines. Symbiosis between the Vineyard and the Truffle.”

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N1. Nebbiolo Prima

The exclusive official preview of the year’s new releases by the Albeisa producers, with the spotlight on great classics and exciting new entrants.

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Entra stripe

Are you a producer of the Albese territory?

You have a message in the bottle.

The Albeisa bottle is the symbol of the Langhe territory. It holds tradition and innovation and tells it on tables all over the world. Discover the advantages of being part of the union of Albeisa producers and join it.

Entra in Albeisa